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Fill in the blanks and tag 6 people! (don’t forget to tell them you’ve tagged them)
 SIX PEOPLE? Do I even know six people?

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Name: Hannah
Birthday: November 16
Favorite color: Various hues of Blues
Lucky numbers: I don’t think I have any :I
Height: 6’1”
Talents: Drawing, noticing small details, playing Wildstar and Warcraft, drawing bara men
Last dream you remember: I don’t remember the last time I dreamt
Can you juggle: Yes! Though it gets tricky after the third ball
Art/sports/both: Art, because I don’t do sports well. Unless its basketball or dodgeball.
Do you like writing:Yes, though I worry I can’t get what I need across because I muddle my words or make it really drawn out.
Do you like dancingYes but if people don’t see/look at me
Do you like singing: Yes but I’m very quiet and don’t want people to hear me

Dream vacation:Now that I think about it, I’m not sure. I’d like to go over to the Carbine studios wherever it is.
Dream guy/gal:Someone who is thick-bodied, understanding and won’t contradict me. Someone that listens to me and knows what I’m saying. Someone who knows when I hurt and will care enough to do something about it. Someone who won’t run away or think I’m a horrible person the minute they look at me.
Dream wedding:I don’t think I want a wedding at all

Dream pet:Probably a hamster, with their cheek-stuffing cuteness
Dream job: Being a movie director, making my art to life. Probably a comic book artist. BOTH EVEN!
Favorite song: I don’t think I have any, but my favourite would have to be the version of I need a Hero from Shrek 2
Favorite album: I’m not into music that much so going through the most of any songs I have on an album them it would have to be Fallen from Evanescence
Last song you heard on the radio: All About That Bass
Least favorite song: Blurred Lines (I really really loathe that song)
Least favorite album: Anything from Beiber or Thicke
Least favorite artist: Bieber. Thicke

Guys/girls/both: I don’t know quite yet
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Any
Humorous/serious: Whenever the situation calls for it, serious when serious though a touch of light-heartedness because true seriousness scares me.
Taller/shorter:Taller, bonus points for height differences
Biggest turn-off: Assholes, hypocrisy, unnecessary meanness (which probably ties into the first one), arrogance. People who don’t let you explain things and assume the worst all at once. Being ignored.
Biggest turn-on: Curves, though I will never have the bravery to do it but I’d like to run my hands over a nice curvy body, probably like a bara man. Politeness and genuine care. Thick-bodied men I WILL NOT LIE they do it for me.

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